Introducing Rolla: Revolutionizing Fitness with a Data-Driven Healthy Lifestyle

We’re thrilled to announce that Rolla, an innovative fitness tech startup founded by Igor Krezic, has recently secured an impressive €6.3 million in seed funding. This landmark investment represents the largest ever in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) for a fitness and health startup, shattering records for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s tech ecosystem.

The funding round was spearheaded by Mate Rimac, the renowned Croatian entrepreneur and CEO of Rimac Group, along with the backing of Hellen’s Rock, the family office of the successful entrepreneur Sacha Dragic. Both Rimac and Dragic have built billion-dollar businesses from scratch and are well-respected figures within the locale.

Rolla is on a mission to revolutionize the way individuals approach wellness and prosperity. At the center of their extension is the Rolla One app, a gamified wellness stage that provides personalized and versatile highlights custom fitted to person wellness levels, inclinations, and objectives.

With the new capital implantation, Rolla is presently set to quickly develop its client base, grow its item and commercial groups, build up a territorial improvement center in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and make a European commercial center to drive development into Western Europe.

Mate Rimac shared his choice to contribute in Rolla, citing two pivotal components: his conviction in Igor Krezić’s entrepreneurial ability and the expanding significance of wellbeing in modern society. Rimac respects the amazing achievements of Igor within the past and sees the potential for a data-driven, sound way of life to become imperative around the world. He accepts that Igor and his group are on the correct way to convey a comprehensive solution to help individuals in living more advantageous lives.

Igor Krezic, the Author and CEO of Rolla, contains a individual association to the mission of the stage. Having once confronted his possess wellbeing challenges and burnout, and developing up amid the riotous 1990s Balkan war, Igor gets it the battle of finding effective arrangements for remaining solid. This foundation fueled his assurance to engage people to require control of their wellbeing and live their best lives.

Krezic’s entrepreneurial intuition is additionally vital, having established five fruitful companies that created over 400 employments and more than 30 million euros in yearly income. He effectively left one of his wanders, NSoft, to Sportradar, a NASDAQ-listed company.

Sacha Dragic, another key financial specialist in Rolla, lauded Igor Krezic’s vision and devotion, emphasizing that such characteristics coupled with a clear showcase opportunity regularly lead to surprising victory. Dragic sees Rolla’s item as a effective instrument that can make wellness more available to everybody and reshape the wellness industry with a more personalized and comprehensive approach to wellbeing and prosperity.

Rolla’s potential has as of now been recognized at EUROBIKE, a head worldwide exchange appear for the bicycle trade. The stage gotten consideration from powerful identities and stages within the cycling world, such as DC Rainmaker, GCN Tech, and Worldwide Marathon Arrange, recognizing Rolla’s development and affect.

Rolla sets itself separated from existing wellbeing and wellness stages by prioritizing ease of get to, joining information from associated administrations, and cultivating client inclusivity. The stage offers a gamified client travel, empowering clients with short-term rewards whereas making a difference them make long-term advance. With a consistent adjust between Levels (long-term accomplishments) and Exertion (day by day advance), Rolla gives a comprehensive arrangement for wellbeing and wellness, catering to tenderfoots, intermediates, and progressed clients.

Established in 2019, Rolla’s virtual world gloats high-quality illustrations and a captivating gamified encounter. As agushing arrangement, Rolla disposes of the require for devoted equipment, advance diminishing boundaries to passage.

Rolla’s vision is to form a persistent criticism circle, supporting client engagement, and fulfilling them for both their every day endeavors and long-term accomplishments. This gamified encounter sets Rolla apart from conventional data-driven wellbeing apps, advertising clients a clear, safe way towards wellbeing and wellness change.

We are excited approximately Rolla’s potential to convert the wellness industry not as it were in Bosnia and Herzegovina but too within the more extensive Western Balkans locale. Fair as Rimac did in Croatia and UiPath in Romania, Rolla’s noteworthy speculation circular may catalyze development and victory for the whole locale.

Connect us on this exciting travel towards a more beneficial and more enabled future with Rolla, where wellness meets development and inclusivity!